Friday, November 19, 2010

Pousada Mata Atlântica Dos Sauer, Petropolis, Brazil

In the late 20th century, the estate and surrounding lands of a particular Brazilian family was lost in a series of events that eventually was forgotten in the mountains above Rio.

Located in the Serrana region of the State of Rio de Janeiro, that estate was a part of a gigantic 28,000 sq. meter property surrounded by the beautiful mountain forests of Petrópolis. Of the 28,000 sq meters in the property, 20,000 meters were devoted to a forest and natural habitat reserve for the local indigenous fauna and flora that are native to the surrounding ecosystem.

From 1978-2008, the halls of this estate slept admist the thick and misty forests of Região Serrana until in 2008, Pedro Sauer, the grandson of the Patriarch of the família Sauer commissioned the rebuilding and renovation of his family's property and inheritance.

After its renovation, Pedro's idea was to open his childhood home and paradise to the public and allow for all to come and enjoy the heaven on earth he once called his home.

Renamed the Sauer Mata Atlântica Inn (Pousada Mata Atlântica dos Sauer), the inn boasts a gorgeous and sprawling property of luxury residences and accommodations in the quaint yet splendorous style of Brazilian mountain living.

The plaza of the inn is lined with beautiful and intricately designed gardens, marble courtyard, and natural spring that runs through the property to cool your feet in the warm Brazilian sun.
The estate has 11 natural fresh water springs that occur throughout property as well as a waterfall that flows next to the terraced gardens. As if that were not enough, the palmeira jussara, a palm tree in near extinction, grows on the land "as if it were a weed, but more picturesque".

Guests of the inn are able to enjoy both of Brazil's natural beauty was well as the city life, as Petrópolis' quiet mountain location is only a short drive (even shorter if Professor is driving) away from vibrant Rio.

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